This Man

Based on the 4-book story written by bestselling author Jodi Ellen Malpas, ‘This Man’ kickstarts Passionflix’s ambitious 3-film adaptation of the author’s romantic series.

Though primarily a US project, we were commissioned by the streaming platform to handle 50 scenes worth of production in the UK.

To translate Director Tosca Musk’s vision from script to screen, we trusted in our numerous relationships with UK cast, crew, equipment vendors, councils and London boroughs.

This enabled us to bring our fully-equipped unit to a variety of locations, from the vast green countryside of Warwickshire, to the bustling streets of Camden.

Burdened with a very tight development schedule, the efforts made by our dynamic and resolute team allowed us to provide a fully tailored package for our US clients, granting them peace of mind and focus when it came time for production.